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Height:162 Bust:82 waist:57 Hip:82 Shoes:23.5






She was born in Saga Prefecture.
With both parents being biologists, from a very young age she took a great interest in our connection with nature, the environment of our planet, and life; as she began her career in modelling, she traveled widely, visiting India, several countries in Asia, the Americas, and Africa and published a photo/essay journal of her vast travels in 2011.

Enlightened by experiences during her travels and communing with nature she found herself making use of a creative world view consciousness and embarked on a new collaborative project.

From early childhood, she enjoyed drawing, and she continues that passion today, incorporating recycled products into her works; recently her works are also featured as visuals to represent various products.

She is active in a variety of platforms and media where she engages with talented individuals on a vast array of topics ranging from culture and fashion to science. Her work has been featured in magazines, brochures and advertisements; she is a radio talk show personality and has been featured at various speaking events.

Her life work is travel and exploring the natural sciences, in particular plants and astronomy, and creating art and botanical perfumes.
and also loves music.

photo by Hal Kuzuya